From pbrown: Disclaimer

I was rear ended in a vehicle accident and suffered a back injury. I was referred to George by my son. I was very reluctant about hiring an attorney and very unfamiliar with the process that I was about to go through, but George put me at east the moment I met him. He even came to my home since I was unable to travel to his office. He was always in contact with me through everything and was always patient, kind and understanding. Thanks to George I got the settlement I felt like I deserved. I would recommend George Moore to anyone that has been in an accident and suffered an injury. You won't be disappointed.

Legal Issue: Personal Injury -- Plaintiff

pbrown hired George Allen Moore in 2008.

From Johnsontr: Disclaimer

Mr. Moore is a man with integrity. He has always been there to answer our questions and takes the time to inquire about our health and well being. He worked hard for us and helped us in our time of need. I am truly grateful to Mr. Moore for his hard work and dedication but mostly for caring.

Legal Issue: Workers' Compensation Law

Johnsontr hired George Allen Moore in 2009.

From 121670sb: Disclaimer

Mr. Moore represented me in a case against a termite company for damages to our home that was under contract. Mr. Moore was always available for questions. The facts were gathered and presented in a very thorough and professional manner. The results were more than satisfactory. It is without reservation that I would highly recommend Mr. Moore for any legal matter.

From Rylandman: Disclaimer

I highly recommend George Allen Moore as an attorney. George has a reputation of winning his cases. He is thorough in the law and honest with clients as to reality of the legal system. If George Moore takes your case, you have an excellent chance of winning. His ethics are beyond reproach.

Legal Issue: Other

Rylandman hired George Allen Moore in 2007.

From Relieved: Disclaimer

I met Mr. George Allen Moore August of 1992. My son (then age 5) & I were involved in a car accident leaving me with serious injuries (1. almost loosing my right foot). The day after I returned home from the hospital the at fault Driver's Ins. was pressuring me to settle. My husband and I were very perplexed and afraid. A mutual friend contacted Mr. Moore on my behalf and he was at my house that afternoon. Mr. Moore was personable, talked with us, made pictures, assured us he would take care of everything and for us not to worry. This is exactly what he did. We had many issues to be resolved as the claimant had minimal Insurance and my Insurance Company would have to pay the bulk of the settlement. During this time Mr. Moore uncovered the fact that we were due double coverage from our Insurance Company which they never revealed to us. This is just one of the many things he was able to negotiate and handle for us that otherwise we would not have had the knowledge or ability to do on our own & which had such a great impact on our settlement. Over the course of almost 2 years Mr. Moore worked diligently for our best interest. One of the greatest comforts was that he stayed in contact with us & he was always understanding & patient when we became impatient. This meant so very much to my husband & I. He encouraged us to hold on until my injuries had healed to maximum recovery before settling with anyone. My son also at age 5 years suffered trauma from this accident and Mr. Moore was able to get benefits for him as well. For someone to care about your child means the world to you. So in conclusion, I recommend Mr. George Allen Moore because I believe that he knows the law (in depth), he has an exhaustive amount of experience, he knows how to calculate his moves & negotiations in the settlement process and he has a heart for your injuries & the needs of your family. He will work for you to get the best possible & timely settlement he can.

From bellebelle2: Disclaimer

Mr. Moore is a very caring person and very devoted to his profession... He was always there for me day or night to let me know what was going on or to answer any questions that I might have had... I would and do recommend Mr. Moore to anyone that wants their case handled honestly and professionally... Thank you... Sincerely, Renee' Adkins

bellebelle2 hired George Allen Moore in 2004.

From kahzbie1: Disclaimer

I have had the privilege to know George Moore for over 35 years. George lives his life through his faith, which is a big part of his life. He is a wonderful family man, husband, father and a grandfather. He learned the value of hard work and compassion for his fellow man while driving a tractor and picking cotton by hand on his family's small farm just outside of Huntsville, Alabama. George got to know a lot about people and working a hard day for just few dollars while working side by side in the fields, along with the small farmers and share croppers who's farms adjoined the Moore farmland. Because of this upbringing and work ethic, George goes above and beyond the call of duty on behalf of you his client(s) or future clients. He knows the best way for you to protect yourself & your family is to be well informed. George will be more than happy to meet with you and/or your family during normal work hours, but in some cases you can make an appointment for a same day and after hours/weekend consultation. In cases where someone has been injured, he will gladly meet with you without charging legal fees to see if he can help you. If he does become your attorney, he will only charge legal fees if he wins your case. If you are injured and cannot travel to his office, he will arrange to travel to you for a consultation upon request. Mr. Moore has the passion, the compassion, the skills, the success and the integrity to ensure that average people get justice in their business affairs or after they have been injured through no fault of their own. I would and I have and will continue to highly recommend Mr. George Moore to work for you and for your success.

From wta11956: Disclaimer

I recommend Mr. George Moore because I feel he is a very good lawyer. He represented me in a car accident case and he did every thing within his power to get me the max amount possible.He was constantly in contact with me and always made me aware of what was going on with my case.I strongly recommend Mr. Moore if you need a lawyer for any case.

Legal Issue: Personal Injury -- Plaintiff

wta11956 hired George Allen Moore in 2009.

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Legal Issue: Social Security -- Disability

Robertelee78 hired George Allen Moore in 2007.

From 2anzxm94: Disclaimer

Mr Moore represented me and my spouse in a personal injury claim related to an auto accident. From our initial meeting with him to the recent resolution of our case, we have been extremely impressed by his excellent legal expertise and his unfailing advocacy on our behalf. We did not know him prior to a friend in another state providing a recommendation that we contact him. He has, over the past two years, been consistently courteous to us, kept us updated in a timely manner and anticipated issues that were likely to arise. We had no problems contacting him personally and he was very prompt in returning our calls. Such accessibility was so appreciated, especially since during that time two family members were very ill and hospitalized several times, requiring us to spend significant amounts of time in another state. We have had very limited experience dealing with legal issues, so we very much appreciated his thorough explanations of things we did not understand. He worked very diligently to represent us at all times and to be certain that we had no un-addressed questions or concerns. He was always very professional in appearance and manner. His written correspondence to us and others involved in the case was extremely well developed and professionally presented We are very grateful to our friend for recommending Mr. Moore and would (and have) highly recommend him to anyone needing legal advice/representation in similar circumstances to ours.

Legal Issue: Personal Injury -- Plaintiff

2anzxm94 hired George Allen Moore in 2008.