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Several myths about retreaded tires

We've all seen those giant pieces of tire on the side of the road. If you drive semitrucks, you know exactly what those are. They're strips of rubber that trucking companies glue on to worn out tires in order to save money and make the tires last longer. Using retreads on semitrucks is safe, legal and reasonable as long as follow good maintenance protocols.

Common traffic laws broken by truck and passenger vehicle drivers

Commercial motor vehicle drivers need to follow traffic laws in order to avoid causing a crash. Considering how heavy, slow-moving and poorly maneuvering and dangerous big truck are, it is especially important for truck drivers to follow the law. Indeed, truck drivers have a moral and legal duty to be as safe as possible on the road in order to prevent catastrophic injuries and deaths in a truck accident.

Federal standard for truck driver safety

Alabama laws and federal laws are an important part of big rig safety. When a semi truck driver, or a trucking company fails to follow state and federal standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, serious and fatal accidents can happen. The victims of those accidents will then have strong causes of action to pursue financial compensation and justice in court.

Lawsuit blames broken brake valve for fatal truck accident

A lawsuit filed late last month claims that a faulty brake valve installed in a tractor-trailer rig was to blame for a fatal vehicle crash last year. The 2015 accident resulted in the death of a mother from Shelby County. The crash also left the victim's baby boy with injuries.

Concrete truck accident claims the life of 52-year-old woman

Alabama residents often fail to think about how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle on the roadways in our state. However, automobile crashes can happen at any time. When a crash involves a small automobile and a big heavy truck, the occupants of the car rarely escape without serious and potentially life-threatening injuries.

Technology could help us stay awake at the wheel

Truck drivers on the long haul are driving for days on end across the country. Even though federal regulations require them to take regular stops for rest and sleep -- this does not always mean the trucker is actually sleeping during these times. Sometimes, these guys are driving on very little sleep and it results in catastrophic and deadly collisions when they pass out behind the wheel.

Alabama logging truck accidents a dangerous reality

It is very easy to find news about motor vehicle accidents involving logging trucks on Alabama roads with a simple Internet search. For example, a pickup truck and logging truck collided one March 2016 afternoon on U.S. 72 in Scottsboro, killing a passenger of the smaller vehicle and injuring both drivers, according to The driver of a delivery van died in a crash with an 18-wheeler hauling logs at a highway intersection in Tanner, south of Athens, in August 2015.


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