Legal counsel needed after car accident related spinal cord injury

One of the most devastating injuries that can result after a motor vehicle accident is damage to the spinal cord. While back injuries are serious they can often be rehabilitated and reversed. However, spinal cord damage is irreversible. Even after years of physical rehabilitation and therapy, a full return to pre-accident functionality is almost always unattainable. This is a life-changing diagnosis and requires experienced legal counsel. Rollovers, head-on collisions and other high impact car crashes often lead to very seriousContinue reading

Catastrophic injuries affect the victim and their loved ones

Catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, severe burns, amputations and traumatic brain injuries, can be devastating for the person who is stricken with the injury. The effects of the injury can also have a profound impact on the family members that are close to the victim. For some victims, the sole reason for seeking compensation is to try to make life easier for their loved ones. We know how big of an impact compensation can have on a victim andContinue reading

Mental health SSDI claims present unique challenges

People with a mental health issue that prevents them from working may be able to claim Social Security Disability Insurance, just as those with physical disabilities can. However, they often face some additional challenges when filing an SSDI claim for a mental disorder. Mental disorders can be more difficult to conclusively diagnose than physical ones. Sometimes the very nature of the condition makes it difficult for a person to describe his or her symptoms. Further, you must be able toContinue reading

Should air ambulance involved in fatal crash have been flying?

The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its investigation of a fatal crash last month of a medical helicopter headed for an Alabama hospital. However, in its preliminary report, the NTSB noted that the chopper was not certified to fly in the foggy, low-visibility weather conditions it encountered on the flight because it didn’t have the proper instruments. The helicopter crashed near Enterprise. All four people on board — the patient, a flight nurse, flight medic and the pilot —Continue reading

Establishing fault in vehicle accidents can get complicated

In our last post, we highlighted how a manufacturer’s defect in equipment can become the cause for a legal claim after a truck accident. As a matter of fact, defective equipment is one of the more common reasons for truck and 18-wheeler collisions in Alabama. But it is only one in a fairly long list of possible factors. The level to which any particular factor may have contributed to a motor vehicle collision is something that can be difficult to figureContinue reading

Can a truck maker be sued for a product defect?

We live in a complicated world. The homes we live in are not simply wood frame shelters. Most of us in Alabama enjoy the benefits of modern technology supported by gas and electricity. The cars and trucks we drive are no less complex. The vehicles on the road today are engineering marvels in many ways. But no matter how well engineered they may be, if a vehicle isn’t put together the right way, the chance of a crash that resultsContinue reading