Alabama troopers searching for driver who fled fatal crash

Alabama State Troopers are searching for a vehicle that they say caused a fatal car crash a couple of weeks ago. Troopers are asking for help from anyone who might have information regarding a 2000-2004 Chevrolet Tahoe sport utility vehicle. Police say that the vehicle will have the front right portion of its bumper broken off. On a recent Friday evening the SUV, of an unknown color, got into a car crash in Fairhope on Alabama 181 not far fromContinue reading

Seek financial compensation for catastrophic injuries

In some cases, Alabama residents who suffer catastrophic injuries in an accident have health insurance, which can help them pay for the medical care they require. However, in many situations, injured parties do not have health insurance, and therefore, they do not have a way to pay the doctors, hospitals, rehab therapists and other costs they incur while getting better. This can be a very frightening situation for the accident victim. At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we understand that thereContinue reading

What medical expenses can I recover after a car crash?

Anyone who has spent even a couple of hours in a hospital knows how astronomical the cost of health care is in our country. The problem isn’t getting good health care, really; the problem is paying for it. This is why it’s so important for every American to consider having a health insurance policy to cover them. However, there are many Americans without health insurance — and they are driving around and riding in cars almost every day. When anContinue reading

Technology could help us stay awake at the wheel

Truck drivers on the long haul are driving for days on end across the country. Even though federal regulations require them to take regular stops for rest and sleep — this does not always mean the trucker is actually sleeping during these times. Sometimes, these guys are driving on very little sleep and it results in catastrophic and deadly collisions when they pass out behind the wheel. A new wearable technology could be the answer. SmartCap Technologies — a companyContinue reading

Statistics on Personal Injury Pre-trial Settlements

Only about five percent of personal injuries cases in the U.S. go to trial, meaning that up to 95% of such cases are given out of court settlements. Of these (cases that go to trial), 90 percent end up losing, meaning that the plaintiff loses out on compensation. Those who win cases that go to trial only do so when the case is brought before a trial judge rather than a jury. Trial judges also seem to provide higher compensationContinue reading