Financial damages relating to car accident injuries

No Alabama driver expects to get into a car accident, but that doesn’t mean these events will not have life-altering consequences for those who are involved in them. Even though most car accidents are nothing more than fender-benders and passengers and drivers walk away uninjured, a serious car accident can mean serious injuries, death and massive financial costs. Since there is no way to truly make another individual whole after he or she has been seriously hurt in a carContinue reading

Regulators fine GD Copper for workplace safety violations

Federal inspectors from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have fined a Pine Hill-area copper plant $196,900 for workplace safety violations. OSHA inspectors listed over 12 safety violations made by the plant, GD Copper USA, which exposed plant workers to high levels of risk that included shock hazards, unguarded safety equipment and fall risks. In incident reviewed by OSHA, inspectors found that workers had been using a platform that was suspended 14 feet over a concrete floor but did notContinue reading

Do you know how to protect your eyes in the workplace?

August is National Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month, but children aren’t the only people who should protect their vision. Adults should also protect their eyes both in and out of the workplace by seeking appropriate vision care and wearing the right protective gear at work. Of course, the first step to protecting your eyes in the workplace is understanding the hazards so you can choose the right protective gear. Do you need to wear safety googles, or is moreContinue reading

Common And Serious Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Motor vehicle accidents make up the largest proportion of personal injury claims nationwide. In 2012, there were 5.6 million motor vehicle accidents, 1.6 million of which involved injuries. Injuries vary between cases, which is why it is vital to get an opinion from a doctor. Furthermore, those who have been injured in a motor vehicle accident should consult an experienced car accident attorney to secure the compensation to which they are entitled. Here are some of the most serious andContinue reading

How is it determined that I am disabled?

You might feel like you’re disabled but until the United States Social Security Administration approves your application for disability benefits, you will not receive any government assistance. This article will discuss the process the SSA goes through in determining your disability status. The SSA first takes a close look at your application to make sure you qualify for disability benefits under the most basic requirements. Then, they’ll look to see whether you have completed a sufficient number of years working.Continue reading

Parties responsible for car accident damages

The party that pays for car accident damages is the party that causes the car accident. That party is usually a negligent or unlawful driver, but it can also be a negligent vehicle manufacturer or a negligent municipality that fails to safely maintain its roadways. Conversely, if the injured party causes the accident, then the injured party will be responsible for paying for his or her damages. When another driver causes an accident and injuries, the insurance company of thatContinue reading