Car accidents caused by texting while driving

With the nearly universal popularity of smart phones across the United States in recent years, instances of texting while driving — and distracted driving for that matter — have risen exponentially. In fact, many analysts estimate that texting while driving is far more dangerous than inebriated driving because of the way drivers take their eyes off the road to manipulate their cellphones. When drivers take their eyes off the road to text on their cellphones, they can drift into anotherContinue reading

Acceptable sources of medical information

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, applicants will need to offer evidence of their impairments, and that evidence needs to come from medical professionals deemed “acceptable” by the Social Security Administration. Then, after the impairment has been established, the SSA will accept other sources of information, including non-medical evidence, to assess the severity of the impairment. Here is a list of medical professionals and sources of information that are acceptable for establishing the impairment: — Certified or licensed psychologists:Continue reading

Fighting Back From an Injury After a Hit and Run

If you’re injured in a auto accident, it’s hard enough to bounce back under the best circumstances, but when the driver responsible doesn’t stick around at the scene as they are required to do, it can be that much harder to get the compensation necessary to pay for your medical bills, fix your own vehicle, and make up for any life adjustments you’ve had to make as you build your future. The first thing you need to do is getContinue reading

Concrete truck accident claims the life of 52-year-old woman

Alabama residents often fail to think about how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle on the roadways in our state. However, automobile crashes can happen at any time. When a crash involves a small automobile and a big heavy truck, the occupants of the car rarely escape without serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. In one such incident, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency reported that a woman was killed in a two-vehicle collision in Montgomery after her vehicle collidedContinue reading

Will self-driving cars be ethical?

A U.S. safety official is worried that automakers will not be able to make their self-driving cars “ethical.” The issue relates whether artificial intelligence powering self-driving cars can make sound and ethical decisions, like avoiding an accident that might harm a person that is not contained inside the vehicle. National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Christopher Hart says that federal regulations will be necessary to create the moral basis behind the decisions made by autonomous cars. Regulators will also need toContinue reading