Repetitive motions on the job may compromise your health

When you think of workers’ compensation, you may think of benefits given to a worker who suffers injury in a work-related accident. In reality, work injuries are not always the result of a traumatic incident, but many of the most debilitating and painful injuries develop over time. Repetitive stress injuries occur when a person repeats the same motion over months or years. For some, repetitive motion can exacerbate an injury that already exists or create a painful injury that makesContinue reading

Common mental health conditions that qualify for disability

There are many different kinds of mental health conditions that will qualify an Alabama resident to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an official listing of all the mental health conditions that qualify as “inherently disabling.” Also, if a condition is not found on the list, the SSA will review the symptoms to determine if the condition qualifies the applicant for disability benefits. Some of the most common mental health conditions that qualify applicantsContinue reading

How can I stay safe on an all-terrain vehicle?

All-terrain vehicles — such as four-wheelers, for example — are so much fun. They’re an excellent way to spend a weekend afternoon with family and friends, exploring the mountains, the countryside, the beach or your big backyard. However, it’s vital that all Alabama residents remember that ATVs are dangerous. To minimize the hazards associated with all-terrain vehicle use, Alabama outdoor sports enthusiasts should: — Use an approved safety helmet, proper footwear and use other kinds of protective gear when operatingContinue reading

Watch out for distracted drivers on their cellphones

It seems like every single Alabama driver has a smartphone these days, and many of them are using their smartphones while operating their motor vehicles. Sadly, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, texting and all the other ways we use electronic devices are addictive. Some Alabama drivers don’t have the mental discipline required to put their phones down long enough to drive from one place to another. At this time, Alabama drivers — except for teenage drivers — are permitted to talk onContinue reading