Common elements in a truck accident case

Semitrucks are extremely heavy, making them slow to stop, slow to maneuver and slow to accelerate. The slowness makes them more likely to get into a car accident, and the heaviness results in extreme and catastrophic injuries and damages when they do. Because the dangers associated with big rigs are elevated, special laws apply to the drivers of commercial trucks and the transportation companies that employ them. These laws will come into play if someone injured by a semitruck decidesContinue reading

Saving your own skin

Some accidents or injuries are obviously work related. For example, if you cut yourself on a piece of equipment or fall from a ladder, it’s likely your employer will not challenge your claim for workers’ compensation. In other cases, you may have to jump through hoops to convince your boss and the insurance company that your job is responsible for your health problems. If you believe your skin disease developed from conditions at work, you may need help obtaining yourContinue reading

Common traffic laws broken by truck and passenger vehicle drivers

Commercial motor vehicle drivers need to follow traffic laws in order to avoid causing a crash. Considering how heavy, slow-moving and poorly maneuvering and dangerous big truck are, it is especially important for truck drivers to follow the law. Indeed, truck drivers have a moral and legal duty to be as safe as possible on the road in order to prevent catastrophic injuries and deaths in a truck accident. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, speeding violations are aContinue reading

4 reasons for job-related accidents

Alabama workers often find themselves in dangerous situations on the job. However, when a worker is attentive and makes a conscious effort to follow safety rules, accidents are avoided in most cases. By educating yourself on the common reasons for job-related accidents that follow, workers can be extra-attentive on the job and hopefully prevent such incidences from occurring. Here are four reasons why accidents happen on the job: — Lifting heavy objects: Sometimes employees lift heavy objects all day long.Continue reading

New Alabama law could require backseat passenger seatbelt use

Motor vehicle accident statistics have long proved that the use of safety belts in vehicles prevents injuries and deaths. Indeed, the vast majority of people killed in motor vehicle accidents in Alabama were not wearing a seatbelt at the time their collisions occurred. In response to these statistics, the state of Alabama has created seatbelt laws requiring drivers and passengers in the front of vehicles to use safety harnesses. The problem is, no laws exist that require backseat passengers toContinue reading

What is the recovery process for brain injury victims?

A traumatic brain injury involves the death of brain cells, so it’s miraculous that those who suffer from a brain injury can recover at all. The fact that brain cells do not appear to regenerate makes the recovery from brain injuries especially miraculous. In fact, scientists and research physicians are still unclear on the manner by which the brain is able to recover. There are, however, theories as to why the brain can recover. One possibility is that sometimes neuronsContinue reading