Fatal motorcycle crash in Autauga may result in criminal charges

A fatal motorcycle accident in Autauga, Alabama, could result in criminal charges against the surviving motorcycle driver. The accident happened last Saturday at approximately 10 p.m., on Alabama Highway 14. A 24-year-old Florida woman was killed in the incident. She was pronounced dead by emergency responders at the crash site. The woman was riding as a passenger on a motorcycle driven by a 29-year-old man. He survived the crash and required hospital care. The accident happened after he lost controlContinue reading

Can you get workers’ compensation benefits for your car crash?

Workers’ compensation insurance offers protection to employees while they are carrying out their job duties. If those job duties included driving a vehicle — and the worker was “on the job” at the time the car crash occurred — then workers’ compensation insurance may pay for his or her medical care, time spent unable to work and more. Here are the most important facts to be considered when determining if your accident injuries will be covered: — Were you drivingContinue reading

Some workplace hazards are so common that they go unnoticed

Employers in Alabama and all across the nation are responsible for the safety and health of their employees. While certain industries pose greater risks than others, some dangers exist in almost all workplace environments. You may be able to avoid serious injuries if you keep a lookout for some of the most common threats. Although the fact that workers’ compensation benefits will cover medical expenses and lost wages in the event of an occupational injury, minimizing the risks may preventContinue reading

Several myths about retreaded tires

We’ve all seen those giant pieces of tire on the side of the road. If you drive semitrucks, you know exactly what those are. They’re strips of rubber that trucking companies glue on to worn out tires in order to save money and make the tires last longer. Using retreads on semitrucks is safe, legal and reasonable as long as follow good maintenance protocols. If you’re a truck driver, though, there are a few myths you might want to knowContinue reading

Mother and daughter die in separate car accidents on the same day

A mother and her little girl are dead following two car accidents on a recent Tuesday afternoon. The 39-year-old mother died at around 3 p.m. after being involved in a two-car crash. On the same highway — Alabama 117 — her 8-year-old daughter died in an unrelated car crash about 30 minutes later. The mother died in a car crash involving her Ford Explorer and a Dodge Ram. The Ram driver and another passenger in that vehicle survived the head-onContinue reading