Truckers’ wages encourage speeding

Did you always assume that truckers were paid by the hour? It’s a common misconception; in many cases, truckers are actually paid by the mile. This is done, in theory, to encourage production. The problem, though, is that it may encourage speeding. If a trucker knows that he or she can earn more by breaking the speed limit, risks may be taken when the trucker would just set the cruise control at a safe limit if he or she wereContinue reading

What are the medical expenses I can claim in a car accident case?

The last thing you want to think about when you get hurt in a car accident is money. You just want to get better and get past your injuries as soon as possible. However, eventually your doctor’s bills and other medical expenses will need to get paid. If your car accident and associated injuries were the direct result of another party’s negligence, reckless or unlawful activity, you might be able to pursue a personal injury lawsuit to recoup your medicalContinue reading

Exercising your right to file a wrongful death claim

Nothing can bring back a loved one after an unexpected death, but there are steps that you can take as a surviving family member to hold liable parties accountable for pain and suffering, as well as financial losses. In fact, you have the right to seek compensation if the death of your loved was the result of the negligence or harmful actions of another person. The unexpected death of a family member can result not only in emotional and mentalContinue reading

Premises liability includes more than just slips and falls

Premises liability law covers a wide variety of circumstances. Most Alabama residents think of slips and falls when they think of premises liability claims. While slip-and-fall incidents do make up a large percentage of these types of claims, this category of the law is not merely limited to people slipping on a floor that was negligently left wet at the supermarket. Two types of premises liability lawsuits you may not have considered: — Firearm accidents: We’ve all heard the horrorContinue reading

How do I know if I have whiplash?

Did you get into a car accident and head home thinking that everything was okay, but the next day you felt a horrible pain and stiffness in your neck? This might be the symptoms of whiplash, one of the most common car accident injuries that Alabama residents can suffer from. Let’s take a moment to look at what whiplash is exactly. Whiplash is known as a “soft tissue injury” in the medical field. A soft tissue injury isn’t one thatContinue reading

Retreaded tires: The good and the bad

We’ve all seen those giant pieces of rubber on the side of the interstate. That rubber used to be a piece of retread glued to the outside of a semitruck tire. However, this retreaded rubber can eventually wear out and detach, creating a dangerous obstacle on the road. Due to these unsightly “road gators,” retreaded tires have long received a bad reputation. The reputation is now even worse due to competition from Chinese tire manufacturers that can build and sellContinue reading