Kids of one Carl Cannon fire victim files wrongful death lawsuit

The surviving children of a 39-year-old Jasper, Alabama, man have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man’s employer and the manufacturer of the equipment that he was using when he suffered his fatal injuries. The married father of two was reportedly using a unilube system within the service shop at the car dealership where he worked when it came in contact with a flammable material, causing a massive fire. As for the family’s lawsuit, it was filed on Wednesday,Continue reading

Four tips for staying awake while driving

Life is tiring. The sad truth is that you may have to get behind the wheel when you’re tried. Maybe you have to work late and you need to go home for the day, or maybe you’re on a road trip, so far from your destination that you have to push on as it grows late. This does increase the risks for you and other drivers. To stay awake while you drive, use these four tips: 1. Don’t be afraidContinue reading

A car accident can cause serious issues with your vision

If you suffer a head injury in a car accident, you could wind up with lasting vision problems. The most catastrophic injuries could lead to blindness, a permanent disability, but even more “minor” injuries could be very problematic. Some experts even warn that whiplash can lead to vision problems. People often joke about whiplash, but it’s no joke to those suffering from neck pain and all manner of related complications. Experts also note that the exact symptoms can vary dependingContinue reading

Common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents

Now that the weather is warmer, you probably couldn’t wait to get back on your motorcycle. The thrill of riding never gets old, and riding is one of the many things you look forward to when summer comes around. Nevertheless, not everyone appreciates when motorcycles share the road with them. Some motorists simply don’t take the time to look out for you, and others may be openly hostile, even using their vehicles to express their disapproval of motorcycles on theContinue reading

Will you ever be able to walk again?

You have an incomplete spinal cord injury. It’s very severe, even though it’s not complete, and a little feeling remains. Will you be able to walk again? The answer is different for everyone, and experts warn that it’s hard to know for certain. There are definitely cases that looked hopeful at the beginning, but in which the person never regained that skill, and there are cases that looked hopeless where the person was eventually able to walk again. One thingContinue reading