Out-of-State Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are an unfortunately common occurrence in today’s society. More and more people rely on their vehicles to get them where they need to go, including on local trips as well as those out of state. As you might imagine, this only increases the likelihood of ending up in a car accident at some point in your life. And while the basic steps to take after ending up in an in-state car accident might be obvious, what happens ifContinue reading

Mental Disability Claims in Alabama

It can be incredibly difficult to obtain benefits on the basis of mental disorders. This is partially because employers, the Social Security Administration, and even some physicians are, in general, very skeptical of mental health claims. At Johnston, Moore & Weston, we understand just how limiting and incapacitating mental disorders can be, and we’re committed to helping you attain the benefits to which you are entitled. When you need an attorney who will always treat you with compassion and helpContinue reading