4 reasons for job-related accidents

Alabama workers often find themselves in dangerous situations on the job. However, when a worker is attentive and makes a conscious effort to follow safety rules, accidents are avoided in most cases. By educating yourself on the common reasons for job-related accidents that follow, workers can be extra-attentive on the job and hopefully prevent such incidences from occurring.

Here are four reasons why accidents happen on the job:

— Lifting heavy objects: Sometimes employees lift heavy objects all day long. These individuals know best how to avoid lifting injuries; nevertheless, they can still happen. Also, employees who don’t normally lift heavy things, while working at an office for example, might also surprise themselves with a lifting injury. Always ask for help if something seems too heavy to pick up.

— Fatigue: Workers need to take breaks, in particular, workers who have physically demanding jobs. Being in the hot sun all day can make you less able to pay attention, and that can lead to a serious accident. Remember to take a 10-minute rest when you need it.

— Dehydration: Dehydration is another source of fatigue, causing a lack of attention to one’s job. However, dehydration can also lead to a cardiac condition or a stroke. Be sure to drink at least eight glasses of water every day, and more if you’re working intensely.

— Bad lighting: We need light to avoid slip-and-fall accidents, and to prevent collisions while working in a warehouse. If you think that you could see better by installing a couple of extra lights, be sure to talk to your manager about that.

These are just four common causes of serious workplace accidents. However, there are many more ways you could get hurt on the job. Use your common sense, stay safe. If you do get hurt, reach out to a workers’ compensation lawyer immediately to help you get money to pay for your medical care.

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