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Emotional Issues From A Personal Injury Accident In Huntsville, Alabama

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A person injured in Huntsville, Alabama by the negligent or wrongful conduct of another is entitled to recover “pain and suffering” damages. “Pain and Suffering” as used in Alabama includes compensable damages for emotional damages or mental anguish that results from personal injury. Mental anguish includes emotional distress. Pain and Suffering damages in Alabama may include recover for humiliation, indignity, grief, anxiety, worry, nervousness, mortification, shock, embarrassment, terror, apprehension, or ordeal.

Seriously injured persons commonly suffer great interruption in their lives. Mundane routines and small details become painful and difficult. Sleepless nights, pain, fear of undergoing medical treatment, stiffness, or worrying that one might not fully recover from a physical or emotional harm are common thoughts and experiences. Other injured people become nervous and worry about their jobs, home life, and overall health.

When a person is seriously injured in a Huntsville, Alabama car accident, the person’s mind often races with a flood of fears and worries. Embarrassment and indignity frequently accompany being disabled or disfigured from serious personal injury suffered in car accidents or construction accidents.

This type of serious personal injury has a major impact on a person’s life and will likely cause financial, physical and emotional problems. Emotional issues are very personal and are rarely talked about, but people who have been injured may experience the following:

  • Anger – Some people who have been injured may feel anger about the changes that are going on in their life. They may feel frustrated and angry because they can no longer do certain activities such as attend church or participate in family gathering.. They may lash out at people who they feel are responsible for the accident or may be angry towards themselves for being injured.
  • Grief and depression – Some people who have sustained an injury that affects mobility or normal tasks or which is disfiguring may feel saddened or depressed by the changes in their life. Even after making a full recovery, someone who has been injured may feel depressed after a long recovery time or a long period of inactivity.
  • Antisocial behavior – Some people who have been injured start arguments, lash out at others, or may even act violently. Some may have difficulty expressing grief or may be concerned about not being given special treatment or sympathy. Others may think that their relationships will not survive their injury and will reject those people before the injured person can be rejected.
  • Withdrawal – After a serious injury, some people will withdraw from their family and friends. Some may lash out at family members or friends who can still perform regular activities while others resent those who try to cheer them up. Some choose to be alone because they cannot picture normal life with their injury.
  • Anxiety – Many people feel uneasy about recovery times or complications that can occur from their injuries or feel anxious about further injuries. After becoming aware of their fragility, they worry about future accidents and injuries.

It is best to fully describe the emotional problems you may have suffered in your personal injury accident to your Huntsville, Alabama lawyer. Call us for a free consultation if you have questions about personal injuries suffered by a member of your family or if you have suffered emotional distress or mental anguish as a result of a personal injury or car accident. For your convenience, we offer hospital and in-home visits.