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Five Ways a Lawyer Can Help You Win Social Security Disability


George Allen Moore

Johnston, Moore & Weston
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Here are five ways a disability attorney can help you win your Social Security disability or SSI claim:

1. Develop a winning theory of your case

Developing a winning theory for your Social Security disability claim is the most important task for a disability lawyer. This should be done as early as possible. We will seek the legal path that leads to an award of social security disability benefits based upon your medical or mental impairments, your medical records, your work history, your age, your education, and the Social Security disability evaluation process.

2. Keep your claim moving

We will complete the Social Security forms and file your appeal. We will help obtain your medical records and help in seeking opinions and reports from your treating doctors regarding your medical symptoms, conditions, and functional limitations. Seeking and obtaining medical reports from your treating doctors, including your functional or mental limitations, is one of the most tasks in winning your Social Security Disability. These reports go a long way in convincing the Social Security judges that you are disabled and entitled to Social Security Disability.

3. Obtain necessary evidence

Proper development and presentation of all evidence, including your testimony and medical evidence, showing disability are the keys to winning a Social Security disability claim. We will explain what testimony is expected by the judge from you and go over your testimony before the hearing so that you will be prepared. We will also help to obtain the medical evidence to develop and support your claim, including obtaining opinions from your doctors showing your functional or mental limitations. We will explain and help the Administrative Law Judge understand your impairments and why those impairments prevent you from working at any job.

4. Represent you at the hearing

We will represent you at the hearing before the Administrative Law Judge. We will explain the issues important to your claim prior to the hearing. We will prepare you for your hearing testimony and for the questions that your specific judge is likely to ask. We want to help you feel prepared.

5. Ensure you are paid correctly.

If your Social Security disability or SSI claim is approved, we will help ensure that you are paid correctly.