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Hit-and-Run Drivers Risk Criminal Charges, Civil Claims

The death of a 22-year-old pedestrian in an Alabama hit-and-run stands as a tragic reminder that drivers involved in automobile accidents must remain at the scene. While pulling over immediately after hitting a pedestrian might seem like common sense or the moral thing to do, it is also the law. Those who leave the scene of the accident make it harder for victims to hold them liable and are punished accordingly.

Alabama Hit-and-Run Law

Drivers involved in deadly hit-and-runs only cause more trouble for themselves and others by leaving the scene and attempting to avoid responsibility. Under Alabama law, a driver who leaves the scene of an accident resulting in injury or death can be convicted of a felony. Hit-and-run drivers can be difficult to track down, but witnesses present at the scene can help law enforcement and private investigators.

Earlier on the night of the 22-year-old’s death, a woman’s vehicle hit a 19-year-old who was walking on the highway, killing the pedestrian. She followed the law by immediately pulling over and rendering aid, so she was not charged with any criminal offenses. The pedestrian’s spouse or family, however, might be able to bring legal claims against the driver.

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims: The Road to Recovery

While criminal charges provide a way to achieve justice and hold hit-and-run drivers accountable for their actions, the fact remains that victims of hit-and-runs and other car accidents incur many financial and emotional costs. Victims of hit-and-runs need immediate medical attention and often require long hospital stays. These accidents can have an emotional toll on spouses and family members as well, especially in the event the victim dies.

To receive compensation for injuries or death suffered in an automobile accident, victims and their families can file personal injury or wrongful death claims. If a court finds the driver legally responsible for the accident, it can award damages to cover the various expenses, as well as pain and suffering, victims and their families deal with in the aftermath of automobile accidents.

Individuals injured in an automobile accident should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to find out if they have any legal or insurance claims arising out of the accident. A skilled personal injury lawyer will fight on your behalf for the damages you deserve.