A car accident can cause serious issues with your vision

If you suffer a head injury in a car accident, you could wind up with lasting vision problems. The most catastrophic injuries could lead to blindness, a permanent disability, but even more “minor” injuries could be very problematic.

Some experts even warn that whiplash can lead to vision problems. People often joke about whiplash, but it’s no joke to those suffering from neck pain and all manner of related complications.

Experts also note that the exact symptoms can vary depending on the type of head injury. For example, some people start seeing double. Others have problems really focusing in on anything, especially if they were looking at far-off objects and are trying to return their gaze to something close at hand. The eye is supposed to automatically adjust — and does so, for most people, so fast that they never notice it happening — but it may be slow to adjust or fail to do so entirely after an accident.

Another common issue is feeling nauseous while looking around. The world could start to swim and the injured person may even vomit. Some report that they are suddenly very sensitive to the light — perhaps because a pupil is not adjusting properly — or that they have lasting headaches.

They also note issues with common tasks; for instance, some have trouble reading, feeling like all of the words are blurry or moving when they look at the screen or down at the page.

As you can imagine, issues like this can impact every part of your life, from leisure to work, so it’s critical to know what rights you may have to financial compensation.

Source: Everyday Health, “Head Injuries Can Lead to Serious Vision Problems,” Eric Metcalf, accessed July 13, 2017