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Huntsville Drunk Driving Accidents Lawyers

North Alabama DUI/DWI Accident Victim Lawyers

Automobile wrecks caused by drunk drivers are not just accidents. They are reckless and selfish acts. Many times they are intentional acts. Someone who gets drunk and careens down a highway does not care about you or your family. When a legally intoxicated individual gets behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, this is no different than shooting a gun into a crowded mall. He may not hit anyone, but he has taken a chance on randomly killing another human being.

This man has played Russian roulette with the lives of innocent citizens. He may destroy a family by killing or maiming the mother or the breadwinner. He may cause untold suffering to a totally innocent family. A car wreck is hard enough on a family, let alone a senseless and preventable drunk driving accident. Families are devastated when a loved one is severely injured or no longer living because a nightclub wanted to make a few extra bucks, or because a drug addict high on meth thought nothing of careening down the highway. This conduct puts our lives and our children’s lives in danger.

Drunk drivers are a threat to everyone else who is on the road. A drunk driving accident can often result in serious injuries, even wrongful death, for other drivers, passengers, bicyclists and pedestrians who are involved through no fault of their own. If you have been the victim of a DUI accident, it is important to speak with an experienced lawyer regarding compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses.

At our personal injury practice, we have handled injury and accident cases in Alabama for many years, including drunk driving accidents. Johnston, Moore & Weston has recovered significant verdicts and settlements for clients in personal injury claims in Huntsville and throughout North Alabama.

Huntsville Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

No matter what the circumstances, alcohol-related auto accidents are inexcusable since they could have been prevented by the person not driving while intoxicated. In addition to the criminal penalties associated with drunken driving, victims of these accidents are also eligible to receive substantial compensation.

This money cannot reverse what has happened, but it can provide help for the recovery process, including short-term and long-term medical care. It is important to act swiftly after you have been injured to preserve necessary evidence and to address other important factors in your case, including potential dram shop liability.

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