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The reasons for amputation

An amputation is a serious and irreversible medical procedure that involves the removal of an appendage or body part. Amputation procedures are performed for a variety of reasons, but in all cases, the same general theme applies: If the amputated body part were not removed, the patient could suffer serious and possibly fatal repercussions. The most common cause of amputation relates to poor blood circulation as a result of narrowing or damaged arteries. Peripheral arterial disease is the usual culpritContinue reading

12-year-old dead after tragic car accident

A 12-year-old was killed following a tragic accident last week. The young girl passed away from injuries after a single-vehicle car accident in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 10 miles outside of Northport. According to Alabama State Troopers, the girl was riding as a passenger in a 2003 Nissan Xterra at approximately 8:10 p.m. in the evening. The 34-year-old male driver of the Xterra lost control of the vehicle, which caused the Xterra to leave the roadway andContinue reading

Allegedly intoxicated woman injures 4 in multiple accidents

A woman, who authorities say was operating her vehicle in a mentally altered state, has been arrested for causing multiple accidents that injured four people in Foley, Alabama, last Sunday. Police say that they were first notified of the accident at around 1:00 p.m., when they received multiple calls about an out-of-control driver traveling northbound down Highway 59. The woman, operating a black Chevrolet Silverado, first crashed into the back of a vehicle at County Road 12. Then, after continuingContinue reading

Major retailer deemed responsible for woman’s injuries

A catastrophic injury can come out of nowhere, causing devastating damage beyond what anyone would expect. These injuries create injuries that require extensive repair and are the victims will almost certainly never fully recover. While no one wants to experience this kind of loss, those who do should be compensated for their loss and suffering, even though no amount of money can undo suffering and the loss of quality of life. A jury down in Mobile recently did their bestContinue reading

Seek financial compensation for catastrophic injuries

In some cases, Alabama residents who suffer catastrophic injuries in an accident have health insurance, which can help them pay for the medical care they require. However, in many situations, injured parties do not have health insurance, and therefore, they do not have a way to pay the doctors, hospitals, rehab therapists and other costs they incur while getting better. This can be a very frightening situation for the accident victim. At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we understand that thereContinue reading

New ‘Teen Driver’ feature gives parents more control, information

Parents of teen drivers have always been concerned about their kids staying safe behind the wheel. Fortunately, automakers and tech companies have been finding ways to help parents monitor and control young drivers even when they’re not around. The 2016 Chevy Malibu even has a setting called “Teen Driver.” It provides warnings to drivers if they’re doing things like exceeding the predetermined speed limit. It also provides a Report Card so that parents know exactly how well their child droveContinue reading

Legal counsel needed after car accident related spinal cord injury

One of the most devastating injuries that can result after a motor vehicle accident is damage to the spinal cord. While back injuries are serious they can often be rehabilitated and reversed. However, spinal cord damage is irreversible. Even after years of physical rehabilitation and therapy, a full return to pre-accident functionality is almost always unattainable. This is a life-changing diagnosis and requires experienced legal counsel. Rollovers, head-on collisions and other high impact car crashes often lead to very seriousContinue reading

Catastrophic injuries affect the victim and their loved ones

Catastrophic injuries, including spinal cord injuries, severe burns, amputations and traumatic brain injuries, can be devastating for the person who is stricken with the injury. The effects of the injury can also have a profound impact on the family members that are close to the victim. For some victims, the sole reason for seeking compensation is to try to make life easier for their loved ones. We know how big of an impact compensation can have on a victim andContinue reading

Should air ambulance involved in fatal crash have been flying?

The National Transportation Safety Board is continuing its investigation of a fatal crash last month of a medical helicopter headed for an Alabama hospital. However, in its preliminary report, the NTSB noted that the chopper was not certified to fly in the foggy, low-visibility weather conditions it encountered on the flight because it didn’t have the proper instruments. The helicopter crashed near Enterprise. All four people on board — the patient, a flight nurse, flight medic and the pilot —Continue reading

Alabama still seen as worst state for loss of limb compensation

Catastrophe, like beauty, might be said to be in the eye of the beholder. A pianist might think the loss of a finger or hand as the worst thing that could happen. A runner might say the loss of a leg would be the end of all hopes and dreams. The one thing that binds all who have suffered catastrophic injury together, whether they are in Alabama or somewhere else, is that the damage they have endured has created aContinue reading