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Mental Disability Claims in Alabama

It can be incredibly difficult to obtain benefits on the basis of mental disorders. This is partially because employers, the Social Security Administration, and even some physicians are, in general, very skeptical of mental health claims. At Johnston, Moore & Weston, we understand just how limiting and incapacitating mental disorders can be, and we’re committed to helping you attain the benefits to which you are entitled. When you need an attorney who will always treat you with compassion and helpContinue reading

Common mental health conditions that qualify for disability

There are many different kinds of mental health conditions that will qualify an Alabama resident to receive Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) has an official listing of all the mental health conditions that qualify as “inherently disabling.” Also, if a condition is not found on the list, the SSA will review the symptoms to determine if the condition qualifies the applicant for disability benefits. Some of the most common mental health conditions that qualify applicantsContinue reading

What are compassionate Social Security allowances?

In some cases, it is so obvious that an Alabama resident is disabled and in need of government assistance, that it seems like a crime to make him or her wait through the awful application process — especially when it’s clear to any lay person that the patient is completely unable to hold down any kind of job. In these situations, however, the individual may be able to qualify for a Compassionate Allowance, or CAL. A CAL is a wayContinue reading

Proving you’re disabled to the Social Security Administration

Qualifying for Social Security disability insurance or Supplemental Security Income is not a done deal. It takes time and effort, and sometimes a little bit of ingenuity if the Social Security Administration decides to reject your claim. In fact, there is a little-known fact that filers for SSDI and SSI benefits need to know: Most claims for government benefits are denied. If you’ve been denied any kind of social security benefits related to a disability, it’s time to get toContinue reading

Acceptable sources of medical information

When applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, applicants will need to offer evidence of their impairments, and that evidence needs to come from medical professionals deemed “acceptable” by the Social Security Administration. Then, after the impairment has been established, the SSA will accept other sources of information, including non-medical evidence, to assess the severity of the impairment. Here is a list of medical professionals and sources of information that are acceptable for establishing the impairment: — Certified or licensed psychologists:Continue reading

How is it determined that I am disabled?

You might feel like you’re disabled but until the United States Social Security Administration approves your application for disability benefits, you will not receive any government assistance. This article will discuss the process the SSA goes through in determining your disability status. The SSA first takes a close look at your application to make sure you qualify for disability benefits under the most basic requirements. Then, they’ll look to see whether you have completed a sufficient number of years working.Continue reading

What is a Social Security Disability reconsideration?

When some people learn that their Social Security Disability Insurance claim has been denied, they go back to square one and fill out a new application, hoping to avoid whatever the problem was with their initial claim. However, you generally have a better chance of getting your claim being approved if you file an appeal instead. The first appeal is called a “reconsideration.” Obviously, the information that you provide in your reconsideration will depend on your individual case and whyContinue reading

How can you get your Social Security Disability claim approved?

While the number of Social Security Disability Insurance applications has more than doubled since 1999, the rate being approved has dropped from over 50 percent to about 33 percent. That’s why it’s more important than ever to know the rules and take care when submitting an SSDI application. By consulting with an experienced Alabama Social Security Disability attorney, you can determine whether you qualify for SSDI benefits and, if so, how to improve your chances of approval. By letting aContinue reading

Mental health SSDI claims present unique challenges

People with a mental health issue that prevents them from working may be able to claim Social Security Disability Insurance, just as those with physical disabilities can. However, they often face some additional challenges when filing an SSDI claim for a mental disorder. Mental disorders can be more difficult to conclusively diagnose than physical ones. Sometimes the very nature of the condition makes it difficult for a person to describe his or her symptoms. Further, you must be able toContinue reading

High denial rates on SSDI claims doesn’t mean claims aren’t valid

No two claims for Social Security Disability Insurance are the same. One thing that often proves to be common with many, however, is that the initial claim is denied. The reasons why can be many. Very often, it comes down to paperwork — or rather a lack of it. Filing a claim for SSDI in Alabama or anywhere else in the country isn’t as simple as just filling out a form, signing it and sending it in. You have toContinue reading