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Tips to prevent an accident with a Truck Driver

As the driver of a vehicle, there’s isn’t a way to completely avoid large commercial trucks. No matter where you go, you’ll always find yourself in close proximity to these vehicles. While there is no reason to believe you will be part of a truck accident  in the future, you should never rule this out. Even if you follow the rules of the road, one mistake by a trucker could put you in a compromising position. Below are things youContinue reading

Texting & Driving Liability – What you need to know!

Everyone knows you should never drink and drive, and we know that talking on the phone while driving can be just as dangerous.  In 2017, now that technology has expanded and progressed our methods of electronic communication, a new danger has become even more common on the roads: texting and driving.  Many states have already passed laws against texting and driving, and countrywide media certainly campaigns against it.  But, there may be a whole other layer to this potentially deadlyContinue reading

Truckers’ wages encourage speeding

Did you always assume that truckers were paid by the hour? It’s a common misconception; in many cases, truckers are actually paid by the mile. This is done, in theory, to encourage production. The problem, though, is that it may encourage speeding. If a trucker knows that he or she can earn more by breaking the speed limit, risks may be taken when the trucker would just set the cruise control at a safe limit if he or she wereContinue reading

Retreaded tires: The good and the bad

We’ve all seen those giant pieces of rubber on the side of the interstate. That rubber used to be a piece of retread glued to the outside of a semitruck tire. However, this retreaded rubber can eventually wear out and detach, creating a dangerous obstacle on the road. Due to these unsightly “road gators,” retreaded tires have long received a bad reputation. The reputation is now even worse due to competition from Chinese tire manufacturers that can build and sellContinue reading

Several myths about retreaded tires

We’ve all seen those giant pieces of tire on the side of the road. If you drive semitrucks, you know exactly what those are. They’re strips of rubber that trucking companies glue on to worn out tires in order to save money and make the tires last longer. Using retreads on semitrucks is safe, legal and reasonable as long as follow good maintenance protocols. If you’re a truck driver, though, there are a few myths you might want to knowContinue reading

Common elements in a truck accident case

Semitrucks are extremely heavy, making them slow to stop, slow to maneuver and slow to accelerate. The slowness makes them more likely to get into a car accident, and the heaviness results in extreme and catastrophic injuries and damages when they do. Because the dangers associated with big rigs are elevated, special laws apply to the drivers of commercial trucks and the transportation companies that employ them. These laws will come into play if someone injured by a semitruck decidesContinue reading

Common traffic laws broken by truck and passenger vehicle drivers

Commercial motor vehicle drivers need to follow traffic laws in order to avoid causing a crash. Considering how heavy, slow-moving and poorly maneuvering and dangerous big truck are, it is especially important for truck drivers to follow the law. Indeed, truck drivers have a moral and legal duty to be as safe as possible on the road in order to prevent catastrophic injuries and deaths in a truck accident. According to the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, speeding violations are aContinue reading

Federal standard for truck driver safety

Alabama laws and federal laws are an important part of big rig safety. When a semi truck driver, or a trucking company fails to follow state and federal standards set by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, serious and fatal accidents can happen. The victims of those accidents will then have strong causes of action to pursue financial compensation and justice in court. Here are some of the most important legal standards that truckContinue reading

Lawsuit blames broken brake valve for fatal truck accident

A lawsuit filed late last month claims that a faulty brake valve installed in a tractor-trailer rig was to blame for a fatal vehicle crash last year. The 2015 accident resulted in the death of a mother from Shelby County. The crash also left the victim’s baby boy with injuries. The woman’s husband and the father of the infant boy filed the above-referenced wrongful death lawsuit. The suit alleges that on Oct. 20, 2015, at approximately 8:15 a.m., his wifeContinue reading

Concrete truck accident claims the life of 52-year-old woman

Alabama residents often fail to think about how dangerous it is to operate a motor vehicle on the roadways in our state. However, automobile crashes can happen at any time. When a crash involves a small automobile and a big heavy truck, the occupants of the car rarely escape without serious and potentially life-threatening injuries. In one such incident, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency reported that a woman was killed in a two-vehicle collision in Montgomery after her vehicle collidedContinue reading