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Technology could help us stay awake at the wheel

Truck drivers on the long haul are driving for days on end across the country. Even though federal regulations require them to take regular stops for rest and sleep — this does not always mean the trucker is actually sleeping during these times. Sometimes, these guys are driving on very little sleep and it results in catastrophic and deadly collisions when they pass out behind the wheel. A new wearable technology could be the answer. SmartCap Technologies — a companyContinue reading

Alabama logging truck accidents a dangerous reality

It is very easy to find news about motor vehicle accidents involving logging trucks on Alabama roads with a simple Internet search. For example, a pickup truck and logging truck collided one March 2016 afternoon on U.S. 72 in Scottsboro, killing a passenger of the smaller vehicle and injuring both drivers, according to The driver of a delivery van died in a crash with an 18-wheeler hauling logs at a highway intersection in Tanner, south of Athens, in AugustContinue reading

Can a truck maker be sued for a product defect?

We live in a complicated world. The homes we live in are not simply wood frame shelters. Most of us in Alabama enjoy the benefits of modern technology supported by gas and electricity. The cars and trucks we drive are no less complex. The vehicles on the road today are engineering marvels in many ways. But no matter how well engineered they may be, if a vehicle isn’t put together the right way, the chance of a crash that resultsContinue reading

The higher risk of highway deaths when trucks are involved

Larger motor vehicles, especially trucks can create a greater safety risk for other drivers on the highway. Especially for passenger cars, sedans and other smaller motor vehicles. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s 2014 FARS (“Fatality Analysis Reporting System”) report, one out of every ten highway deaths were involved in a truck-related accident. This means that when a truck is part of a car crash, the risk of death for drivers and passengers goes up. A troubling statistic butContinue reading