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Can I still sue even if workers’ compensation is covering the injury I received on the job?

If you are hurt while working, you might think that your only chance of compensation comes from the workers’ compensation policy that your employer carries. And while this is generally the case, there are always exceptions to the rule. If your employer’s workers’ compensation is covering your injury, you might still be able to sue your employer for the injuries that you incurred while at work.

Let’s look at some of the situations in which you might be able to sue in addition to receiving compensation from workers’ compensation claims.

Defective Product
Were you injured as a result of a defective product? If so, then you might very well be able to pursue a case targeting the manufacturer who made the product. Note that this is true even if the product was used in the workplace. With that said, every case is unique, and you should speak with an experienced personal injury to determine how the circumstances surrounding your case might impact your ability to sue.

Negligence and Injuries
If you were injured as a result of intentional, hazardous, or careless conduct on the part of your employer, then you might be able to pursue a personal injury case against them. This might be true even if they are covered by workers’ compensation.

Toxic Substances
Much like the issue of the defective product above, if you are injured by a toxic substance, you might be able to pursue a personal injury case against the creator or manufacturer of the substance in question.

Third Parties
Finally, if you have been injured via a third party that was present in your workplace, you might have the chance to also pursue a legal case against them.

When Workers’ Compensation Isn’t Enough
Workers’ compensation exists to help ensure that injured workers who were hurt while working receive money to cover their damages. With that said, like many insurance policies, workers’ compensation representatives will do their best to pay out as little as possible. That means that you might not receive enough to cover lost wages or medical bills, let alone pain and suffering. Keep in mind that the payouts themselves don’t actually work to discipline your employer, either, even if they created an unsafe workplace.

Filing a personal injury case, on the other hand, can help ensure that you receive the compensation you need to move on with your life while also serving to send a message to negligent employers that their behavior is not acceptable.

Workplace Injuries in Alabama
Have you been injured in your workplace? If so, you might be wondering what options you have – in addition to workers’ compensation – to help secure compensation and keep your head above water. Reach out to the experienced personal injury lawyers at Johnston, Moore, & Weston today! Our attorneys are standing by to help you sift through your circumstances and determine whether or not you have a viable case.

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