What are compassionate Social Security allowances?

In some cases, it is so obvious that an Alabama resident is disabled and in need of government assistance, that it seems like a crime to make him or her wait through the awful application process — especially when it’s clear to any lay person that the patient is completely unable to hold down any kind of job. In these situations, however, the individual may be able to qualify for a Compassionate Allowance, or CAL.

A CAL is a way for a disabled person to quickly bypass some of the tiresome protocol of getting approved for social security and get their benefit checks coming as quickly as possible. A CAL allows the Social Security Department to give precedence to people with severe conditions that can be quickly and objectively evaluated with a minimum amount of supporting evidence, documentation and review.

The Social Security Department has created a Listing of Compassionate Allowances that includes specific medical conditions that are the most likely to meet the current definition of a legal disability. Such conditions include things like: Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, cardiovascular disease, organ transplant patients, autoimmune diseases, schizophrenia, stroke, cancers, brain injuries, certain rare diseases and more.

Do you think that you or a family member might qualify for a Compassionate Allowance? This extremely helpful program could be a way for you or your family member to quickly obtain the Social Security financial benefits that you so desperately require. By speaking with a Social Security benefits lawyer, Huntsville residents can evaluate the best strategy for qualifying for these helpful government benefits. They can also evaluate whether taking advantage of the Compassionate Allowances program could be appropriate given their medical conditions.

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