What constitutes a traumatic crushing injury of the fingers?

Alabama workers tend to take their fingers and hands for granted until something goes wrong that prevents them from using them. A hand or finger crushing injury is not uncommon in a car accident, and in extreme cases, it can lead to the complete loss of finger function. Since our fingers and hands are vital for daily life — and for performing most job duties — those who suffer from this kind of accident could find themselves facing severe difficulties.

When a car accident happens, drivers and passengers tend to use their hands instinctively to stop their impacts. They may also get their hands trapped between two pieces of a car as it is crushed during impact. This can lead to severe damage to the hands, fingers and wrists — including torn ligaments and shattered bones. Also, while performing daily work tasks, individuals may accidentally drop items or have items fall on their hands. This can also lead to a devastating hand-crushing injury.

Whenever a traumatic crushing injury occurs, it is vital for victims to get immediate medical treatment. Affected hands, fingers and wrists will first be thoroughly examined by doctors in a visual assessment that checks for blood flow issues, skin coloration problems, nail conditions and the condition of bones and fingers. It is important for doctors to ask patients questions about areas of pain, and check for nerve and sensory damage. X-rays will also be important for the detection of bone fractures.

In minor cases, affected fingers may be splinted for approximately a month or more. In severe cases, surgery may be required to correct the issue. Rehabilitation therapy will also be required in many hand crushing cases to alleviate pain and encourage hand and finger mobility.

Whether you have suffered an on-the-job hand crushing injury or injured your hands and fingers in a car accident, you may have legal options available to seek money to pay for your medical care. By speaking with an workers’ compensation lawyer or personal injury lawyer, Alabama residents can gain further insight on their best next steps in this regard.

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