Distracted driving in Alabama

Every time an Alabama resident gets behind the wheel he or she is getting into harm’s way. Indeed, considering how rampant texting-and-driving and distracted driving are these days, it doesn’t seem to matter how safe and cautious we are, there is always the chance of getting into an accident with someone who isn’t paying attention to the road ahead.

At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we are seeing more and more texting-and-driving and distracted-by-a-smartphone cases at our law firm every day. Considering how there are numerous public campaigns to educate drivers on how dangerous this practice is — many experts consider it more dangerous than drunk driving — it is unexplainable why so many drivers continue to use their smartphones while driving.

Using a smartphone, texting, browsing the internet, and posting and chatting on Facebook requires a driver to physically take his or her eyes off the road. Studies indicate that this involves a driver literally driving blind for seconds, sometimes up to four and five seconds, at a time. Considering that every second is vital, and every second gives a driver hundreds of feet of space and time within which to maneuver their vehicles to avoid a crash, it is our hope at Johnston Moore & Thompson, that each and every driver does his or her part to maintain their cell phones completely out of reach while driving.

With Thanksgiving weekend approaching, Alabama police will be out in full force looking for inebriated drivers and drivers who are distracted, using their cellphones or failing to obey traffic laws in some other way. However, these individuals could still cause many accidents. If you or your loved one is suffering from an injury caused by a distracted driver, the personal injury law firm of Johnston Moore & Thompson may be able to help.