High denial rates on SSDI claims doesn’t mean claims aren’t valid

No two claims for Social Security Disability Insurance are the same. One thing that often proves to be common with many, however, is that the initial claim is denied.

The reasons why can be many. Very often, it comes down to paperwork — or rather a lack of it. Filing a claim for SSDI in Alabama or anywhere else in the country isn’t as simple as just filling out a form, signing it and sending it in. You have to do it just so and reviewers will expect to see certain documentation as part of the filing. Any small thing lacking could prompt a denial.

There are appeals — many levels of appeal — that can be pursued, but it has been known to take several years for legitimate cases to get through all the hoops to the desired outcome. In the meantime, those are years that pose significant financial hardship for the disabled applicant and his or her family.

That’s a long time to go without the help you are entitled to and avoiding delays is one reason why you so often hear the advice to seek out the help of experienced legal counsel. A skilled attorney can help you appreciate what the Social Security Administration needs and how to go about providing it.

If your claim is denied an attorney is more likely to know how to manage the appeal in a way that gets the much-needed benefits at first reconsideration. Should the case ultimately need to go to federal court, you’ll have the benefit of knowing your attorney has been with you at each step along the way.

If you have concerns about filing a claim for SSDI or pursuing an appeal of a denied claim, contact an attorney. The initial evaluation of your denial by our firm is free.