Are there jobs not covered by Alabama workers’ compensation law?

Workers’ compensation is one of those conventions that many may take for granted. But in Alabama, workers’ compensation is not always a guaranteed benefit.

Sometimes, even those who are entitled to full coverage don’t get it because the employer or the insurance company has denied the claim. These individuals need all the help they can get from reliable and experienced professionals to ensure that their rights are protected and they receive all the resources they deserve to achieve the best recovery.

Nor should fear about the possible cost of consulting an attorney get in the way of you learning about your options. It is common practice for personal injury lawyers to offer initial consultations for free and to take cases on a contingency basis. That means there is no fee unless compensation is secured.

Besides being denied for a claim, there is another thing that can affect whether you are even eligible to apply for workers’ compensation after a work-related injury. It is the fact that the law allows for some exemptions for employers.

For example, if a company doesn’t employ at least five full- or part-time workers, they are not required to have coverage. Individuals hired for specific jobs may be exempt. These include domestic service workers and farm laborers. If you are a temporary employee, that could exempt you from coverage, as well.

What this tells you is that you need to be sure about what your rights as a worker are and what you can do to protect them. Most people don’t have this information as a matter of fingertip knowledge, so speaking with a lawyer is always recommended.