Who is liable after a drunk driving car accident?

Injurious and fatal drunk driving accidents are not uncommon in North Alabama. In fact, over 40 percent of all traffic accident deaths are the direct result of intoxicated driving. This is a fact that every driver must face when he or she gets behind the wheel: There is no way to keep ourselves or are families 100 percent safe from being involved in a collision caused by an unlawful drunk driver.

Alabama has instituted strict criminal laws and has stiff punishments that apply to drunk drivers who caused fatalities and injuries as a result of their inebriation. However, it doesn’t matter how long these individuals are put in jail, and it doesn’t matter how many alcoholism programs they are forced to attend. The Alabama families affected by these drivers’ actions will never be the same.

For this reason, many of drunk driving accident victims turn to our state’s civil court system to seek additional justice and closure relating to their injuries and/or the loss of their family members. By filing a personal injury or wrongful death action in civil court, those negatively affected by drunk drivers can seek financial restitution to help pay for their injuries and/or to compensate them for the loss of their loved ones.

Although no amount of litigation, and no amount of money — and no amount of time served by the drunk driver in prison — will ever correct the wrong committed in these cases, a civil action to seek financial restitution can at the very least put those affected by these crimes back on firm financial feet again. This way, the medical bills, end of life expenses, lost family incomes and other damages will not leave victims financially crippled on top of the emotional wounds caused by the tragedy they have endured.

At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we have represented numerous North Alabama families in personal injury and wrongful death actions related to drunk driving car accidents. If you have been injured, or if your close family member has been killed, in such an accident, we are available to talk to you about your case.