Major retailer deemed responsible for woman’s injuries

A catastrophic injury can come out of nowhere, causing devastating damage beyond what anyone would expect. These injuries create injuries that require extensive repair and are the victims will almost certainly never fully recover. While no one wants to experience this kind of loss, those who do should be compensated for their loss and suffering, even though no amount of money can undo suffering and the loss of quality of life.

A jury down in Mobile recently did their best to compensate a woman who suffered a severe injury while shopping in a Dollar General. The jury determined that the bargain shopping chain’s internal policies for conducting safety inspections were woefully inadequate to maintain a safe environment for shoppers, and directly contributed to the victim’s slip-and-fall accident. After hearing all the evidence, the jury awarded the victim $1,725,000 for her losses.

The event in question occurred in 2012 when the woman slipped in a pool of clear liquid laundry detergent that was spilled on the floor. The resulting injuries included multiple fractures to her leg and shoulder which necessitated nearly 400 visits to a doctor, eight separate surgeries, and accumulated nearly a half-million dollars in medical expenses. Despite the extensive work done to repair the damage, the woman continues to be disabled, and will likely remain so permanently.

It is hopeful that the size of the settlement will be enough to motivate both Dollar General and other similar companies to reexamine their safety measures to bring them up to an acceptable standard. However, serious accidents can happen just about anywhere under the wrong circumstances. If you, or someone you know, have experienced such a catastrophic injury, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. The guidance of an experienced personal injury lawyer can help you explore the possibilities for fair compensation.

Source:, “Alabama jury returns $1,725,000 verdict against Dollar General,” Sep. 22, 2016