How to make you and your motorcycle more visible to motorists

Just as much as you know the thrills of riding a motorcycle, you know the dangers accompanying it as well. Although the percent of fatalities from motorcycle accidents in Alabama has gone down from 2011 to 2015, based on statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it’s possible to lower the number even more. The easiest way to do this is to make you and your motorcycle more visible to motorists. Try these simple and inexpensive tricks to increase your visibility on the road.

Wear colorful accessories

To make yourself more eye-catching to other drivers, buy noticeable accessories. Get a helmet with a clearly visible design, such as a mohawk. Skip the dark-hued jackets, especially at night, for something in a brighter tone. Get attention with fluorescent colors and loud patterns. This is the perfect opportunity to be flashy and fun. It may not be your biker style, but it’s worth the reduced risk of gettin g in an accident with another vehicle.

Use reflective tape

Another option is to use reflective tape, which not only enhances your visibility but also your bike’s design. Put it on the parts that stick out farthest from a light source and on your wheel rims. You can also adhere the tape to your helmet. Reflective tape is most effective at night, when the glow is strongest, but it’s also useful for other poorly lit conditions, such as fog.

Don’t ride in motorists’ blind spots

It isn’t wise to rely on the awareness of other drivers. Assume they aren’t looking at their blind spots, so make it easy for them by not being in those areas. Stay in a lane position that allows motorists to see you with little effort. When you need to pass, do so quickly and only when it’s legal and safe.

Use your signal lights

They may be small and easy to forget about, but signal lights increase your safety because they inform other drivers of your next move. Don’t wait for the last minute to turn them on, though. Give motorists ample warning so they have time to slow down or stop without hitting you or having to slam on their brakes.

Most motorcycle accidents are avoidable. However, you can’t control the reckless driving of other motorists. If you get into a collision and become severely injured, consult with an attorney to make sure you receive sufficient financial claims from insurance companies. If a loved one died in a motorcycle accident, an attorney can help you file a wrongful death claim.