What medical expenses can I recover after a car crash?

Anyone who has spent even a couple of hours in a hospital knows how astronomical the cost of health care is in our country. The problem isn’t getting good health care, really; the problem is paying for it. This is why it’s so important for every American to consider having a health insurance policy to cover them. However, there are many Americans without health insurance — and they are driving around and riding in cars almost every day.

When an Alabama resident without health insurance gets hurt in a car crash, he or she will need to pay for those costs. Holding the person who caused the crash responsible for health costs is an excellent way to pay for the expense.

It is not uncommon for a personal injury lawsuit stemming from a car crash to seek remuneration for expenses related to:

— Brain injury treatments like cognitive and physical therapy

— Ambulance fees incurred while getting the individual to the hospital

— Medical consultations with doctors and specialists

— Medical accessories like heat pads, crutches, boots and special equipment for the home

— Pain and suffering related to the injuries and/or disfigurement

— Permanent disability compensation

— The cost of in-home services (even non-medical expenses)

Sometimes, the compensation related to medical expenses is the most important one on the list of recoverable damages related to a car accident. In order to assist their personal injury attorney in pursuing these costs, car accident plaintiffs should make sure to save copies of all medical records and expenses stemming from their injuries.

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