Why Motorcyclists Need to be Aware of the Drivers Around Them

Memorial Day and the weekend preceding is a popular time for people to get on their motorcycles and enjoy the freedom to ride. It’s also a time where the roads become more congested due to more people enjoying the festivities, and are much less likely to pay attention to what they’re doing when driving. Motorcyclists need to exercise extra caution at this time of year or risk life and limb. The Alabama Department of Transportation counted 1,251 injuries and 64 fatalities among motorcyclists in the year 2014 alone. It’s estimated that 98 percent of all motorists are going to experience a crash of some severity in their lifetime.

All of the above translates into the fact that someone is going to get into a motorcycle accident and need help from a lawyer in Alabama who’s got experience handling the aftermath. An accident is never simply a collision between two parties. Someone is always at fault, and one party may bear a greater responsibility for the incident than the other.

No one ever gets behind the wheel of a car or the handlebars of a motorcycle with the intention to cause an accident. The problem is, the largest cause of motor vehicle accidents in Alabama is inattention on behalf of the driver. Inattention is any number of things: tuning the radio, talking to a passenger, picking up a cup to take a sip of coffee, failure to check the intersection for oncoming vehicles, etc. Motorcyclists are at higher risk of an accident due to inattention because they lack mass and presence to catch the eye of someone who’s not paying attention. The lack of protection for a motorcyclist means that the injuries for the rider is much worse than than they would be if they were in a car.

It’s important to protect ones rights and make sure that responsibility for the accident is appropriately placed. It’s for this reason and many others why there’s value in letting an attorney take on the role of advocate for the accident victim. The lawyer’s job is to make sure their client gets appropriate representation and fair treatment while they are recovering from their injuries. Peace of mind is invaluable during the healing process, and not worrying about the legal ramifications after an accident is one way to get it.