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Alcohol/Drug-Related Injury Attorneys in Huntsville

Full Justice for Drunk Driving Accidents

Claims against Drunk Drivers and Those Who Served Them

Putting the drunk driver in jail is small comfort to the victim of a car accident or the family whose loved one was killed. Full justice comes only when those responsible are made to pay for the financial and emotional devastation they caused.

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Johnston, Moore & Weston of Huntsville, Alabama, aggressively pursues compensation for personal injury or wrongful death resulting from a drunk driving or drug-related accident. Veteran trial lawyer George Allen Moore explores every legal avenue to secure comprehensive damages.


Despite tougher drunk driving laws, over 40% of all traffic fatalities are alcohol-related. In 2006 alone, 475 Alabama deaths stemmed from sharing the road with an intoxicated driver.

Several Alabama laws help injury victims or families recover damages for the inexcusable negligence of causing a crash under the influence of alcohol or drugs. We exhaust all sources of potential liability to maximize results:

  • Claims against the drunk driver’s insurance company
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist claims if the intoxicated driver was not fully covered
  • Dram shop claims against a bar or restaurant that served alcohol to an already intoxicated person
  • Social host claims against a business if the alcohol was served at a company-sponsored gathering
  • Furnishing to a minor (dram shop) claims against a liquor store, convenience store, or bar that sold or served any alcohol to a driver under age 21

If it was your own teenager who crashed while intoxicated,
you may have a claim for their injuries. Under Alabama law, the liquor establishment or other party that provided alcohol to an underage person can be held liable for property damage and bodily injury from a resulting drunk driving (DUI) accident. Contact George Allen Moore to discuss your case.

A car wreck is hard enough on a family, let alone a senseless and preventable drunk driving accident. Families are devastated to know that their loved one is lying in a hospital or no longer living because a nightclub wanted to make a few extra bucks, or because a drug addict high on meth thought nothing of careening down the highway.

Attorney George Allen Moore shares your outrage, and he is committed to seeking justice. Contact an experienced trial lawyer with a demonstrated record of obtaining compensation for clients. Call (256) 533-5770 for a case evaluation. We can visit clients at their home or hospital, and we take cases on a contingency-fee basis.