Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms As A Crash-Related Serious Personal Injury

For years, serious physical personal injury remained a primary legal focus of lawyer cases involving survivors of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). The accumulation of state information followed a like format. In the 2012 Alabama Crash Facts data report in-depth MVA crash facts pertained to the likes of:

  • Alabama MVA Fatality Trends
  • Incident Rankings According to Age, Gender, and other defining components
  • Information Concerning Type of Roadway
  • Breakdowns in Identifying Various Types of Crashes
  • Alabama Specifics On Personal Injury and Fatalities
  • Comparisons Including State Versus National
  • AND Dozens of Other Specific Points of Crash-Related Interest.

The 52-page report included nothing concerning the psychological well being of the survivors. But now…

Things are changing. The legal implications of MVA survival no longer focused solely on the likes of seat belts, driver education and road improvement. A new form of training and MVA patient-evaluation processes has finally evolved into the emergency room physician’s handbook. Doctors are learning the importance of observation that also considers a survivors psychological posttraumatic response to the accident.

People don’t endure the sounds of screeching brakes, screaming friends, and an overwhelming sense of utter helplessness without that such trauma inflicts more than a mere memory of a bad moment in time. Although alike in many ways, every human being is ultimately crafted from a distinct and one-of-a-kind DNA mold. Our response to stress, serious physical injury, and even our personal concept of guilt, shame and blame differs from person to person.

Litigation As A Result of Posttraumatic Stress

A serious injury motor vehicle accident induces extreme stress. Fear of litigation may enhance that level of concern. People who have developed post-traumatic stress symptoms sometimes slip into the range that involves:

  • Chronic Worry
  • Increased Anxiety
  • Disabling Memories
  • AND More.

A lawyer cannot heal the suffering. However, a well-trained Alabama attorney can help you gain a fair and just settlement against those who caused such serious injury to your mind. Each year more than three million people will endure injury due to involvement in an MVA. Some will involve post-traumatic stress symptoms. Some will not receive an adequate diagnostics. Some will miss the opportunity for intervention that can prevent greater impairment and restriction.

Concerning personal injury due to the negligence of a third person, Alabama law sets a two-year filing limit. Don’t risk missing the deadline, but even if you were not correctly diagnosed, Johnston Moore & Thompson, attorneys at law, may be able to fit your case into one of the State’s legal exceptions.


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