Seek financial compensation for catastrophic injuries

In some cases, Alabama residents who suffer catastrophic injuries in an accident have health insurance, which can help them pay for the medical care they require. However, in many situations, injured parties do not have health insurance, and therefore, they do not have a way to pay the doctors, hospitals, rehab therapists and other costs they incur while getting better. This can be a very frightening situation for the accident victim.

At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we understand that there is a lot more going on than just the physical aspects of our clients’ injuries. Indeed, it is a psychologically difficult time as accident victims face a different future — one in which they may not be able to hold down a job if they are permanently disabled as a result of their accident. If they are disabled, they may not be able to enjoy the same activities they once loved. Huge life adjustments and psychological outlook changes will need to occur as the accident victims learn new ways of approaching life.

To add money concerns on top of all this feels wrong. Catastrophic accident victims have enough to deal with while they try to heal from injuries like severe burns, paralyzing spinal cord damage, amputated limbs, disabling back problems, shattered and/or broken bones or severely disfiguring wounds is a full-time occupation. This is where a personal injury claim may be able to help.

At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we help our accident victim clients seek financial claims against the parties responsible for their injuries. Our firm has successfully recovered money for our Huntsville, Alabama, clients time and time again by handling each case on its own unique merits, investigating every legal strategy available and utilizing expert witness testimony when necessary.