What is a Social Security Disability reconsideration?

When some people learn that their Social Security Disability Insurance claim has been denied, they go back to square one and fill out a new application, hoping to avoid whatever the problem was with their initial claim. However, you generally have a better chance of getting your claim being approved if you file an appeal instead. The first appeal is called a “reconsideration.”

Obviously, the information that you provide in your reconsideration will depend on your individual case and why your claim was denied. However, there are some important tips that can help improve many applicants’ chances of getting their claim approved without having to go through further appeals.

First, don’t procrastinate. The Social Security Administration allows 60 days plus another five days for mailing time to get your reconsideration submitted. However, why delay any potential benefits by taking the full allotted time? It’s best to submit it as quickly as possible.

Second, include your most recent medical records as well as any information that’s changed since your original application. This may include a new physician, new medication or a different course of treatment or therapy. It always saves time if the SSA doesn’t have to go to medical providers to get information not provided by an applicant.

Finally, look over your original application to see if there was anything you neglected to include or mention — even if it wasn’t the reason for the denial. Include this information and/or documentation with your reconsideration.

The application process for SSDI and other Social Security benefits can be a frustrating and daunting one. If you or a loved one is having problems getting a claim approved, it may be worthwhile to seek the guidance of an Alabama attorney who is well-versed in the applicable state and federal regulations and can work to help give you the best chance at getting the disability benefits you need.

Source: Social Security Disability SSI Resource Center, “Tips for filing a Social Security Disability Reconsideration,” May 11, 2016