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Watch out for distracted drivers on their cellphones

It seems like every single Alabama driver has a smartphone these days, and many of them are using their smartphones while operating their motor vehicles. Sadly, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, texting and all the other ways we use electronic devices are addictive. Some Alabama drivers don’t have the mental discipline required to put their phones down long enough to drive from one place to another. At this time, Alabama drivers — except for teenage drivers — are permitted to talk onContinue reading

Representing car accident victims in Huntsville, Alabama

Most Alabama drivers do their best to stay safe on the road. They follow traffic laws, drive at an appropriate speed and refrain from getting behind the wheel after they’ve been drinking. Unfortunately, this cannot be said for all Alabama drivers. Some drivers seem intent on violating as many laws of driving and decency as they can, and this results in accidents. With the rise in popularity of smartphones, there has been a massive surge in motor vehicle fatalities inContinue reading

One person dead, one inured after Muscle Shoals crash

A sport utility vehicle crashed into the back of a large tractor-trailer on a recent Wednesday in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. The truck was hauling a big piece of equipment at the time of the collision. According to Alabama troopers, the crash was reported to 911 at 11:49 a.m. Tragically, a 22-year-old woman died as a result of the accident. Troopers indicate that the deceased woman was rushed to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save her and she laterContinue reading

Who is liable after a drunk driving car accident?

Injurious and fatal drunk driving accidents are not uncommon in North Alabama. In fact, over 40 percent of all traffic accident deaths are the direct result of intoxicated driving. This is a fact that every driver must face when he or she gets behind the wheel: There is no way to keep ourselves or are families 100 percent safe from being involved in a collision caused by an unlawful drunk driver. Alabama has instituted strict criminal laws and has stiffContinue reading

Distracted driving in Alabama

Every time an Alabama resident gets behind the wheel he or she is getting into harm’s way. Indeed, considering how rampant texting-and-driving and distracted driving are these days, it doesn’t seem to matter how safe and cautious we are, there is always the chance of getting into an accident with someone who isn’t paying attention to the road ahead. At Johnston Moore & Thompson, we are seeing more and more texting-and-driving and distracted-by-a-smartphone cases at our law firm every day.Continue reading

4 tips for avoiding car crashes

There are a few things that every motorist needs to do in order to avoid getting into a serious car accident, but not all of them are entirely obvious. For this reason, we would like to share the following four pieces of advice with all Alabama drivers. If Alabama motorists only followed these recommendations, numerous lives would be saved and a lot of catastrophic injuries would be avoided. First, avoid driving in the fast lane. The reason for this isContinue reading

What is comparative negligence?

Not all car accidents are completely clear when it comes to trying to decide who is to blame for the crash. Even if police identify an at-fault driver on an accident report, further litigation and expert examination of witness testimony and other evidence can reveal that multiple drivers were at fault for a particular crash. If an injured driver is seeking a personal injury claim related to such a crash, the legal theory of “comparative negligence” might come into play.Continue reading

Takata air bag death toll rises to 11

Federal safety regulators have identified the 11th death caused by deadly Takata air bags. The fatality happened after a tragic Sep. 30 car accident where a 50-year-old woman suffered mortal wounds and later died at the hospital. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has since announced that the woman would not have died had it not been for an unrepaired Takata air bag inside her 2001 Honda Civic. According to Honda, the woman was driving one of their vehicles, whichContinue reading

Alabama first responders lauded for helping car accident victims

First responders save countless lives every year at Alabama car accident scenes. Indeed, their efforts — which so often go far above and beyond the call of duty — are the reason why numerous Alabama residents are alive today. In special recognition of the priceless contribution of first responders in Autauga County, a life insurance society recently gave out lifesaver awards to first responders at the Pine Level Volunteer Fire Department. Two of the firefighters were recognized for quick andContinue reading

Car accidents caused by texting while driving

With the nearly universal popularity of smart phones across the United States in recent years, instances of texting while driving — and distracted driving for that matter — have risen exponentially. In fact, many analysts estimate that texting while driving is far more dangerous than inebriated driving because of the way drivers take their eyes off the road to manipulate their cellphones. When drivers take their eyes off the road to text on their cellphones, they can drift into anotherContinue reading