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A car accident can cause serious issues with your vision

If you suffer a head injury in a car accident, you could wind up with lasting vision problems. The most catastrophic injuries could lead to blindness, a permanent disability, but even more “minor” injuries could be very problematic. Some experts even warn that whiplash can lead to vision problems. People often joke about whiplash, but it’s no joke to those suffering from neck pain and all manner of related complications. Experts also note that the exact symptoms can vary dependingContinue reading

Will you ever be able to walk again?

You have an incomplete spinal cord injury. It’s very severe, even though it’s not complete, and a little feeling remains. Will you be able to walk again? The answer is different for everyone, and experts warn that it’s hard to know for certain. There are definitely cases that looked hopeful at the beginning, but in which the person never regained that skill, and there are cases that looked hopeless where the person was eventually able to walk again. One thingContinue reading

Premises liability includes more than just slips and falls

Premises liability law covers a wide variety of circumstances. Most Alabama residents think of slips and falls when they think of premises liability claims. While slip-and-fall incidents do make up a large percentage of these types of claims, this category of the law is not merely limited to people slipping on a floor that was negligently left wet at the supermarket. Two types of premises liability lawsuits you may not have considered: — Firearm accidents: We’ve all heard the horrorContinue reading

25 percent of drivers used a cellphone before crashing

A technology company reports that nearly 25 percent of drivers were using their cellphones just before getting into an accident. The study was published by a technology firm that built an app to curb cellphone use while driving. The technology company, Cambridge Mobile Telematics, also reported that 52 percent of vehicle trips that resulted in crashes involved distracted driving. The chief technology officer for CMT said that that being distracted by smartphones has proved to be a serious problem forContinue reading

What is the recovery process for brain injury victims?

A traumatic brain injury involves the death of brain cells, so it’s miraculous that those who suffer from a brain injury can recover at all. The fact that brain cells do not appear to regenerate makes the recovery from brain injuries especially miraculous. In fact, scientists and research physicians are still unclear on the manner by which the brain is able to recover. There are, however, theories as to why the brain can recover. One possibility is that sometimes neuronsContinue reading

How can I stay safe on an all-terrain vehicle?

All-terrain vehicles — such as four-wheelers, for example — are so much fun. They’re an excellent way to spend a weekend afternoon with family and friends, exploring the mountains, the countryside, the beach or your big backyard. However, it’s vital that all Alabama residents remember that ATVs are dangerous. To minimize the hazards associated with all-terrain vehicle use, Alabama outdoor sports enthusiasts should: — Use an approved safety helmet, proper footwear and use other kinds of protective gear when operatingContinue reading

The reasons for amputation

An amputation is a serious and irreversible medical procedure that involves the removal of an appendage or body part. Amputation procedures are performed for a variety of reasons, but in all cases, the same general theme applies: If the amputated body part were not removed, the patient could suffer serious and possibly fatal repercussions. The most common cause of amputation relates to poor blood circulation as a result of narrowing or damaged arteries. Peripheral arterial disease is the usual culpritContinue reading

12-year-old dead after tragic car accident

A 12-year-old was killed following a tragic accident last week. The young girl passed away from injuries after a single-vehicle car accident in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama, on Wednesday, Dec. 8, 10 miles outside of Northport. According to Alabama State Troopers, the girl was riding as a passenger in a 2003 Nissan Xterra at approximately 8:10 p.m. in the evening. The 34-year-old male driver of the Xterra lost control of the vehicle, which caused the Xterra to leave the roadway andContinue reading

Allegedly intoxicated woman injures 4 in multiple accidents

A woman, who authorities say was operating her vehicle in a mentally altered state, has been arrested for causing multiple accidents that injured four people in Foley, Alabama, last Sunday. Police say that they were first notified of the accident at around 1:00 p.m., when they received multiple calls about an out-of-control driver traveling northbound down Highway 59. The woman, operating a black Chevrolet Silverado, first crashed into the back of a vehicle at County Road 12. Then, after continuingContinue reading

Major retailer deemed responsible for woman’s injuries

A catastrophic injury can come out of nowhere, causing devastating damage beyond what anyone would expect. These injuries create injuries that require extensive repair and are the victims will almost certainly never fully recover. While no one wants to experience this kind of loss, those who do should be compensated for their loss and suffering, even though no amount of money can undo suffering and the loss of quality of life. A jury down in Mobile recently did their bestContinue reading