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62-year-old Florence man dies after truck crashes into home

An early morning car crash at 7:30 on Tuesday morning claimed the life of a Florence man on Lauderdale County Road 14. Jerry Wayne Jones was pronounced dead at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital after the 7:30 a.m. crash, a state trooper spokesman said. Jones was driving a 1978 GMC pickup on Lauderdale County Road 14 when the accident happened. The truck was in a curve about five miles west of Florence when it left the road and struck a home. No otherContinue reading

Exercising your right to file a wrongful death claim

Nothing can bring back a loved one after an unexpected death, but there are steps that you can take as a surviving family member to hold liable parties accountable for pain and suffering, as well as financial losses. In fact, you have the right to seek compensation if the death of your loved was the result of the negligence or harmful actions of another person. The unexpected death of a family member can result not only in emotional and mentalContinue reading

Post-Traumatic Stress Symptoms As A Crash-Related Serious Personal Injury

For years, serious physical personal injury remained a primary legal focus of lawyer cases involving survivors of motor vehicle accidents (MVAs). The accumulation of state information followed a like format. In the 2012 Alabama Crash Facts data report in-depth MVA crash facts pertained to the likes of: Alabama MVA Fatality Trends Incident Rankings According to Age, Gender, and other defining components Information Concerning Type of Roadway Breakdowns in Identifying Various Types of Crashes Alabama Specifics On Personal Injury and FatalitiesContinue reading

Statistics on Personal Injury Pre-trial Settlements

Only about five percent of personal injuries cases in the U.S. go to trial, meaning that up to 95% of such cases are given out of court settlements. Of these (cases that go to trial), 90 percent end up losing, meaning that the plaintiff loses out on compensation. Those who win cases that go to trial only do so when the case is brought before a trial judge rather than a jury. Trial judges also seem to provide higher compensationContinue reading

Summer Brings an Increase in Motorcycle Accidents

Warmer weather means there are more motorcycles on the roadways, bringing with them an increase in motorcycle-related injuries and fatalities. As lawyers, we unfortunately see, on a regular basis, the devastating effects these types of accidents can bring. Because they have a smaller profile than passenger cars and trucks on the road, it can be tougher to see motorcycles in the “blind spot” until it is too late to avoid an accident. And, motorcyclists also aren’t strapped in by seatbelts,Continue reading

Drivers should be extra cautious as traffic fatalities are on the rise

Motor vehicle drivers throughout Alabama should be extra careful this year. While data is not yet out for this new year, the trend in 2015 showed an increase in traffic fatalities. According to the NHTSA (“National Highway Transportation Safety Administration”), a January 2016 official report declared a startling increase in traffic fatalities in the first nine months of 2015. Approximately 26,000 people died in the U.S. during that time period in a traffic-related incident. What does this translate into whenContinue reading