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Understanding Toxic Mold Syndrome

Toxic Mold Syndrome Fewer things catch a homeowner or renter’s attention faster than the mention of mold. This is a fair response, especially given just how serious the issues that mold exposure can cause can be. Toxic Mold Syndrome (TMS), for example, is a term used to reference a set of illnesses that can develop due to exposure to certain molds. More specifically, molds that produce mycotoxin, a poison, are dangerous to those exposed to them. Some of the moreContinue reading

Toxic Mold and Premises Liability In Campus Dorms

Students in Tuscaloosa recently informed a local news station that the health conditions in off-campus apartments are “deplorable.” Several new residents mentioned that bathrooms were “unusable” and bedrooms were “un-liveable.” Although the residents did their best to clean the dirty, moldy apartments to the best of their ability, the amount of dirt and mold was overwhelming. Toxic mold could be dangerous to the residents’ health. Mold-removal isn’t a task that any new resident, or his or her family, should attempt.Continue reading