I met Mr. George Allen Moore August of 1992. My son (then age 5) & I were involved in a car accident leaving me with serious injuries (1. almost loosing my right foot). The day after I returned home from the hospital the at fault Driver’s Ins. was pressuring me to settle. My husband and I were very perplexed and afraid. A mutual friend contacted Mr. Moore on my behalf and he was at my house that afternoon. Mr. Moore was personable, talked with us, made pictures, assured us he would take care of everything and for us not to worry. This is exactly what he did. We had many issues to be resolved as the claimant had minimal Insurance and my Insurance Company would have to pay the bulk of the settlement. During this time Mr. Moore uncovered the fact that we were due double coverage from our Insurance Company which they never revealed to us. This is just one of the many things he was able to negotiate and handle for us that otherwise we would not have had the knowledge or ability to do on our own & which had such a great impact on our settlement. Over the course of almost 2 years Mr. Moore worked diligently for our best interest. One of the greatest comforts was that he stayed in contact with us & he was always understanding & patient when we became impatient. This meant so very much to my husband & I. He encouraged us to hold on until my injuries had healed to maximum recovery before settling with anyone. My son also at age 5 years suffered trauma from this accident and Mr. Moore was able to get benefits for him as well. For someone to care about your child means the world to you. So in conclusion, I recommend Mr. George Allen Moore because I believe that he knows the law (in depth), he has an exhaustive amount of experience, he knows how to calculate his moves & negotiations in the settlement process and he has a heart for your injuries & the needs of your family. He will work for you to get the best possible & timely settlement he can.