Watch out for distracted drivers on their cellphones

It seems like every single Alabama driver has a smartphone these days, and many of them are using their smartphones while operating their motor vehicles. Sadly, smartphones, Facebook, Twitter, texting and all the other ways we use electronic devices are addictive. Some Alabama drivers don’t have the mental discipline required to put their phones down long enough to drive from one place to another.

At this time, Alabama drivers — except for teenage drivers — are permitted to talk on the cellphones while driving. However, they are not permitted to text on their smartphones. They can’t use Facebook, Snapchat or any other kind of social media on their smartphones either. This is the law, but if you take a look around you on the roadway it’s easy to see that many people are completely ignoring it.

The negligent, reckless and unlawful drivers who choose to take their eyes off the road in order to use a smartphone are not only in violation of the law, but they’re endangering their fellow citizens. Indeed, countless motor vehicle accidents are caused every day throughout the United States due to the use of smartphones while driving. Many of these accidents are fatal, and in many cases, police and local authorities are not diligent enough to determine that the at-fault driver caused the accident because he or she was distracted by an electronic device.

At Johnston, Moore & Weston in Huntsville, we never rule out the possibility that an at-fault driver was distracted by a smartphone. In cases where we suspect cellphone use caused a crash, we subpoena the cellphone records of the at-fault driver to determine whether he or she was using a smartphone at the time of the crash. When we confirm the driver was using a digital device, we will use the evidence on behalf of our client to support his or her claims for financial compensation.