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Lawyers for The Rights of Heirs in Alabama

Huntsville Estate Planning and Probate Lawyers

If you have been appointed as the executor or personal representative for a loved one who has died, you need to understand your responsibilities and the process of estate administration and probate.

For more than 70 years, the Huntsville law firm of Johnston, Moore & Weston has provided estate planning and probate administration services to clients throughout North Alabama. Attorney Cynthia Weston is currently the head of our estate planning practice. She has more than two decades of relevant legal experience in probate law. Our firm works hard to ensure that heirs receive what their loved ones intended them to inherit and that the process is completed as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Many times our law firm represents an heir to an estate instead of the personal representative. We answer questions about their inheritance and/or the probate or estate administration process. We review the terms of the Last Will and Testament, explain the legal rights of the heirs of the estate and the probate process. We often represent the heirs of an estate when the personal representative and the heir of an estate cannot agree on estate issues and fight to make sure the heir to an estate receives what the decedent intended for them to inherit or what the heir is entitled to receive under the laws in Alabama.

North Alabama Probate Administration Attorneys

We can offer legal advice to you as you carry out your duties as an executor/personal representative, or we can take on these burdens for you. Our firm has handled estates that range in size from large and complex to modest estates, but provide the same level of quality service to every client we represent.

After a loved one dies in Alabama, steps must be taken to protect that person’s possessions and assets, and to accurately distribute those assets to beneficiaries. In some cases, this means going through the probate process. We can guide you through all of the necessary legal steps in the process, which includes the distribution of assets.

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If you have questions regarding your rights in the process of estate administration and probate, we invite you to contact Johnston, Moore & Weston to learn more about how we can assist. Call our firm at (256) 533-5770 or fill out our online contact form.