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North Alabama and Huntsville Workers' Compensation Lawyers

Huntsville, Alabama Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Your employer’s insurance company must pay your medical bills and lost wages from workplace accidents and job-related injuries. However, getting the full benefits you deserve is not automatic.

Johnston, Moore & Weston assists workers in Madison County and throughout northern Alabama with workers’ compensation claims and helps them secure permanent disability benefits. We also pursue additional compensation from manufacturers or other third parties if their negligence contributed to a work accident.

Workers’ Comp Claim Denied? Case Evaluation at (256) 533-5770

Attorney George Allen Moore has a demonstrated skill for holding employers and their insurance carriers accountable for worker safety. He has obtained dozens of 100% disability rulings and earned clients settlements of up to $500,000 in addition to their monthly benefit checks. Johnston, Moore & Weston handles all workers’ compensation claims, including:

  • Workplace accidents – falls, machinery mishaps, and falling objects
  • Industrial and construction accidents
  • Back, neck and shoulder injuries in the course of work
  • On-duty vehicle accidents
  • Occupational diseases (toxic exposure, repetitive stress)
  • Death benefits (e.g., head injury, work-induced heart attack)

George Allen Moore has been very successful in helping clients qualify for permanent total disability for such conditions as:

  • Cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) injuries, including a worker left paraplegic after fracturing vertebrae in a 15-foot fall
  • Work-related lung diseases, including a man who developed emphysema (COPD) from inhaling fumes at his aluminum smelting job
  • Various psychiatric/psychological disability claims arising from a workplace injury

Mr. Moore makes the effort to review medical records, have clients reevaluated, and take depositions from treating physicians, surgeons, psychiatrists, and vocational rehabilitation experts to get full workers’ compensation benefits.

If a third party was responsible for the injury (such as a construction subcontractor, machine manufacturer or negligent driver), we aggressively pursue available negligence and product liability claims and coordinate them with workers’ compensation to maximize our client’s recovery.

We will stand up for your rights if your employer has denied or shortchanged your work accident claim. Call (256) 533-5770 for a consultation, or contact us online. We can come to you, and we collect no attorney fees unless we secure compensation for you.