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Huntsville Wrongful Death Lawyers

What Is the Value of a Life?

Northern Alabama Wrongful Death Lawyer

Alabama law has a unique process for wrongful death compensation. While a personal injury claim requires a detailed accounting of medical treatment, projected income and other losses, wrongful death claims are compensated solely by punitive damages.

The Huntsville, Alabama, law firm of Johnston, Moore & Weston is dedicated to holding wrongdoers accountable. We work hard to negotiate a fair insurance settlement or convince a jury to award damages for taking a person’s life.

Time Is of the Essence!

A wrongful death lawsuit must be filed within two years of a death. Critical evidence dissipates quickly and witness memories fade. Contact us immediately at (256) 533-5770 to begin the investigation while the evidence is fresh and best available.

Attorney George Allen Moore has secured many significant wrongful death settlements and verdicts in 35 years of practice, for fatalities resulting from:

  • Car, truck and motorcycle accidents
  • Airplane crashes and boating deaths
  • Construction and industrial accidents
  • Defective product fatalities
  • Persons killed by drunk drivers

Wrongful death means any death resulting from the negligence or intentional acts of others. It also applies to a personal injury that leads to the death of the injured person. For example, Johnston, Moore & Weston represented a worker who suffered a lower back injury. The necessary surgery led to infection, then a coma, and the man’s death a week after the accident. We prevailed in a wrongful death claim against his employer.

Punitive Damages

In a wrongful death trial, a jury is essentially asked to assess a penalty for extinguishing the person’s life. Earnings and medical expenses are not considered in putting a price on that life. Mr. Moore focuses on demonstrating the degree of negligence of the responsible party and presenting a picture of the suffering of the deceased and the preventable loss to the family and the community caused by the fatal accident.

The sooner we are involved, the better we can build your case. Call today at (256) 533-5770 for a consultation with George Allen Moore. There are no up-front attorney fees — we are paid only if we succeed in collecting compensation.